Assessments are typically the first step in the treatment/counseling process and help determine the most appropriate service(s) needed. Often, an assessment is needed in order to access further services.

Individual Therapy

Private one-on-one therapy sessions scheduled weekly or as needed. Interventions are designed to improve functioning and increase dependency. Interventions are relevant to the needs of the recipient and relate directly to the individualized goals and objectives specified in the treatment plan.

Family Therapy

Therapy directed towards a family to address each family members’ individual emotional, behavioral, or cognitive problems. Sessions address many issues including personal trauma, family conflicts, family dysfunctions, self-concept responses to medication, coping with mental/physical illness, alcohol/substance abuse, and psychosocial dysfunction

Group Therapy

Sessions that provide an opportunity for individuals to participate in a learning process with other individuals who are dealing with similar dynamics and explore in a therapeutic setting lead by a licensed professional trained in the topic at hand.

Marriage/Couples Counseling

Counseling seeks to identify the sources of conflict in a marriage/relationship and provides healthy ways of resolving such conflicts. An alternative to divorce or separation for some couples. Marriage counseling may also be sought by couples in the process of a divorce or separation to help them deal with the changes and emotions being experienced so that the process is dealt with in a healthy manner for benefit both the couple and any children who may be affected by negative feelings such as anger and vindictiveness

Play Therapy

Sessions designed to allow children to express emotions and resolve trauma through interactive play and creation of art.